Bad Buss Mojo registration problem

I bought the bad buss mojo vst and put the liscence in my components folder with the .txt taken off. but when I try to open in Ableton 8.1 it says its the evaluation copy and to register online.

Can you help me?

Read the post at the top of this forum and post a support ticket on designated website. Alternately send an email to support at stillwellaudio dot com to automagically create a ticket.

If you really have renamed the file properly and placed it in the correct folder, one of two things has happened: You’re using Ableton and you bought a REAPER-only, non-commercial use license (the license is for those that are BOTH REAPER users AND non-commercial users, not one or the other), or you have some accented characters in your name.

When you post a support ticket, do be sure to include your order number to make it easier to find the key file and verify the problem.