1973 & MAJOR TOM

Hello, just purchased 1973 & MAJOR TOM plug-ins. This audio forum helped a lot. I downloaded the demo’s, purchased the keys, put the AU and VST in the corresponding folders, put the key files in the same folders and I was up and running in no time. Very good. Confusing at first was the .key file. It automatically shows up as a Keynote file in the Apple e-mail program. If you have ilife 08 or Keynote anywhere on your computer it will show up like that. But I didn’t touch it, just moved it to the component and VST files and it worked fine. Ready to go!


It seems like no matter what file extension you choose, some other program has used it at one time or another. On Windows .key files show up as regsitry export files…

You did exactly the right thing…ignore what icon shows up and put the file in the folder. Well done!