the allure of rusted metal

first, of course, olga:

now, the scanned cover of my jjos2 sampler, the “jenius child”

now, of course the hues are a little different (more blue due to the scanner in the jjos2 pic)
AND AND, this scan was taken more than a year ago, it has gotten way more rusty-silver lookin since.

observe it now:

Thanks nym. So what I’ve learnt is…

Olga looks rough and ready yet elegant and stylish: a true triumph of GUI design (if you ignore the ashtray and stuff :wink: ).

And the jjos2 sampler looks terrible.

See that car? It’s almost identical to the Ferrari F430 Scuderia - I took the picture over a year ago and if you squint your eyes up you’ll see what I mean… If you squint really hard it also looks like the jjos2 sampler. Happy days.

this guy’s attitude is nothing short of appalling
looks like this forum has not yet come into its own, what a shame

Guys, this is a small operation, it’s just Scott and WhiteTie and me writing plugins. The forum is a small operation too, and we try to personally respond to peoples’ questions and bug reports as quickly as possible. It’s all small time and face to face (well, e-face to … whatever).

So, you know, try to get along and not harsh our collective buzz, OK? Nobody wants to waste their time on a forum fight.

We welcome all positive and constructive contributions.

apologies, i truly enjoy your plugins, ethics, and i appreciate your hard work. and white tie, it’s clear that i am a fan of your design ideas, both synth and graphic.

i shouldn’t have let him get under my skin, but i did, that’s on me. i suppose i can’t let 1 bad apple spoil the bushel