Anyway to disable the ashtray etc?


very nice synth, I’d buy it, but before I do I want to be sure of one thing…

that I can disable the “cool discarded item” gfx that are a bit too damn motherf*cking cool for me!

I want to use the GUI without the distractions of ashtrays, plectrums, in-ear phones or other assorted bullshit that appears at the top of the GUI and looks like an impressionable teenager’s been playing with my synth.

I’d sooner make sounds without having a discarded condom or whatever other crazy/cool artefacts you f*kin wacky dudes want to dazzle me with…

any chance of disabling this cool feature? it’s too cool for me. btw, where’s the van halen jump synth? i think the kid brother who left his psychadelic lollypop lying on the synth might have deleted it by mistake… little b*stard. I’ll smash his ipod to pieces.

No, you always have to choose something. If in doubt, I’d very much recommend the Rubber Duck :wink:

The duck is very good looking, as ducks go.


But it’s not even yellow, wouldn’t mind if it was… the color’s all wrong.

I think Stillwell Audio should think long and hard about the correct coloration and hue of their rubber duck graphics first before trumpeting these acronyms like BADASS and GROOVE around the place. This synth may sound great but the graphical imperfections have ruined my day twice in a row now.

If you’re going to put crazy stuff on top of the synth then at least include an option to turn them off.

I don’t have designer in-ear phones. I do mundane, uncool stuff like washing up and ironing my clothes. What about the end users like us? We don’t want a party going on at the top of the screen there. We just want calm and sober controls so we can get on with our lives without having to worry about which miscellaneous piece of shit to casually discard on top of the synth. Stop trying to get in my face with your coolness. I know you’re cool Stillwell, I saw your pseudo-Russian font, I got that… don’t need bombarding with the contents of your toy box on the GUI though… jeez :wink:

Ok, spen83 makes some good points. An option to disable the discard graphics would be good. Being able to choose “none” from the right-click drop-down list would be a quick fix.

p.s. Note to self, don’t use Olga all the time…

To have no clutter would make Olga more ordinary and that’s A Bad Thing. If the clutter is really really really spoiling your enjoyment of Olga, then …er… heh. :wink:

I once knew a guy who lived in a dirty place with pizza boxes lying around everywhere. Removing the clutter from his home would certainly have made him more ordinary too. He might even have got a girlfriend. There you have it, another scenario where ordinary is best, so …er… heh :wink:

Mike you’re clearly an intelligent man with some great ideas. Keep up the good work.

EDIT: Just realised WhiteTie is either a dev/mod/admin or all of those. Well WhiteTie, if you can’t take honest criticism that’s a shame. If my simple suggestion (and it is a very straight forward easily implemented suggestion) is too much to ask and it’s so difficult to provide an option to remove the dumb cluttered gfx at the top of GUI then to be honest it’s too difficult for me to get my Visa card out and make a purchase. So …er…heh :wink:

edit, not worth it

id actually like to see more stuff to flip through, like things that are sometimes on my ROLAND fantom x7, cell phone, various books, my LV hat, my computer mouse/keyboard, camera, wallet, guitar picks, crystals, sun glasses, i can think of some wild things you could have there also, anyways thx

Grozno-estimiyi Tovarischi,

I regret to say that the only thing that keeps me from buying a license for Olga is the clutter, which apparently cannot be disabled.

However, I have noticed that Olga’s beautiful interface is not cluttered in the screenshots in the KVR database or at

Is the false promise of a lack of clutter some kind of inverse Potemkin village?

I won’t complain about changing a config.txt file or a registry key, if that is the way.

A bowl of hot water with some fish bones, well, that’s something.


Thanking you in advance and perhaps somewhat cynically and hopelessly under Stalin-grey skies,


i agree with spen the gimiky interface is off putting, i can see where you are going with it & its great to have something look a bit different but it would be great to have an english version gui & an option to remove the junk.

You HAVE an option for english gui. But that takes away all the fun. :neutral_face:

I thought that April 1st was a long way off… come on… you people are complaining about a tiny graphical item that’s distracting you from the synth? You must be joking, right? Don’t you have plants to water, or cats to feed, or fingernails to clip? You’re telling the world that you can’t cope with an assortment of pixels? That a virtual pic of an ashtray is preventing you from working with one of the most original synths around? Heh, now I KNOW you’re kidding. :laughing:

if you can´t work you will find a reason why you can´t. even if it´s clutter. :laughing:

Hmnnn olga without the ashtray? You gotta be kidding me? I mean half the time I change the clutter in the preset to just that, I cannot smoke at my machine so this is my placebo while I work with Olga

BTW Yeah WhiteTie is a mod, and the genius who designed the whole ui and the marketing images and all so yes he does have a lot of say. But it the clutter distracts, turn off the monitor and listen to what you’re doing, after all this is music we are making not painting or sculpture

But you know there is one way you can hide the clutter, just stick a post-it on your monitor where the offending clutter appears and presto! no clutter :unamused: