Testing with Adobe Audition 3.0

Plugins tested: Rocket, Major Tom, Verbiage, Transient Monster
Rocket and Verbiage both locked up Audition when added to the effects rack of a channel.
Major Tom worked on ‘one’ channel but if I tried to add it to another Audition would lock up.
Transient Monster worked GREAT. Amazing on my drum bus test. I’m going to test more but will probably buy this plugin. If anyone has any tips or tricks to try with the others I would greatly appreciate your input.

Could you please try some of the schwa plugins and see if they do the same?

Are you using the latest versions off the main website, or are you using the latest betas (downloads.stillwellaudio.com/stillwell/beta/)?

Let us know…


Thank you for the reply. I actually downloaded the plugins several months back and just installed last night because I’m not satisfied with some of the sounds that I’m getting with the stock Audition effects. So to answer your question, I am not using beta versions but I will try them out this weekend. I’m really interested in the comps but if I get a chance, I’ll do some testing with the Schwa plugins too.

Well, mostly I ask about schwa plugins because we’re two different people writing different plugins (although with some stuff in common). His may not break even if mine do…that will tell us something about the problem.


I had a chance to spend some time with these again last night. I downloaded the newest versions posted as well as the beta versions. Both had the same results in Audition.

Rocket - An error was encountered processing the VST effect Rocket Compressor.
Major Tom - Works on ‘one’ track. When added to two, I get the above error.
Transient Monster - works
Vibe EQ - works
Verbiage - same as Rocket error
1973 - works

More info:
When Rocket is added to a rack, it immediately begins running all of its counters(digits/displays) downward - when they stop it crashes.

When adding these VST effects to Audition the following message is displayed:
“Some selected plugins are VST instruments, which are unsupported for audio processing. To enable these plug-ins for MIDI sequencing in Multitrack view, use the VSTi plug-in manager in the Sequencer panel.”

Unfortunately the Sequencer panel is not accessible to me because it is greyed out. I have searched Adobe forms for a solution to this and have not found one. Other users have the same “greyed out” issue. Are Rocket and Verbiage VSTi plugins?

Umm…no. They aren’t MIDI-controllable. I’m not sure what the issue is there.

Well, I guess I’ll have to scrounge up cash for a copy of Audition unless I can talk Adobe out of an NFR.

It may take me a bit, but I’ll check it out.


I’m having the same issues with Major Tom. Bombardier crashes my session on Play.

Adobe Audition 3.01, Windows XP Home SP3, Echo AudioFire12 (4.8 driver).

I had the same problem with Rocket, Transient Monster, Bombardier, and CMX. My first impression was slow incomplete load, but after many crashes, I tried selecting a Audition’s ‘effect preset’ for that preset thinking there was a bogus value loading into the preset. Everything works fine now.