Stillwell plugins and Mixbus


I’ve been using the Vibe and 1973 EQs in Ableton Live without any problem for about a year and recently I switched to Harrison Mixbus for the mixing part of my projects.

I noticed that when i use one of those two EQs on a stereo track in Mixbus, the right channel disappears completely.

When I do the same on a mono track, sometimes it works like a charm and sometimes it makes an awful continuous buzzing noise wich makes it completely unusable.

I wanted to know if other people have experienced the same issue.

My config: OSX 10.6.7, Harrison Mixbus 2.0.2

I’m working with Harrison to resolve the issue. No other host seems to have this problem, but no other plugins seem to have the problem with Mixbus…

I’ve got 2.0.2 here, so no worries. We’ll get 'er done.


That’s great Scott!

Really looking forward to the fix as your eqs are usually all over my projects:-)


I found a thread on gearslutz that mentions the same problem in december 2009: … -x-45.html

It is suggested, as a possible workaround, to use an Apple AUSampledelay in front of a Stillwell plugin, so the problem disappears.

I tried that with no luck.

Any idea why?