No show in SX3

Vibe-EQ doesn’t show up in Cubase SX3. Plugin info lists it as Unable to load. All is fine with Reaper and FL Studio.

Steve L

Good grief. I’ll check it out, but this makes no sense, as all the other plugs use a common code framework and THEY all work in SX.

I’ll fix ASAP.


Download and try again. I’ve confirmed that the current version is working in SX3.


Okay I figured out what’s happening. Vibe-eq will only show up in SX3 if I install to the default location. I prefer to keep my Stillwell plugins in their own folder. If I do that it shows as unloadable in plugin info. None of your other plugins show this behavior. BTW I’m really liking these plugins, over some way more costly ones. I purchased licenses for Event Horizon and 1973, and I plan on getting MajorTom and probably Vibe-eq. This is good stuff.

That sounds like an SX bug…my plugins don’t care at all what folder they’re installed to. On my machine, they’re in C:\VSTPlugins, and I add that path to the list of paths that SX searches for plugs, and it works fine.


PS: Confirmed: If SX is searching C:\VSTPlugins, and I put Vibe-EQ into C:\VSTPlugins\Stillwell, SX still finds it fine and loads it. Dunno what’s going on in your install. Please double-check your VST paths setting in SX.

I’ll check my settings. I just thought it was weird that Vibe-eq is the only one that exhibits this little quirk. Even if I can’t figure out what the deal is, I can still use it. It’ll just be in a different folder than the rest.