Stillwell 64bit crashing Cubase 5 64bit

No, you don’t. We’re addressing the problem as fast as we can. We have a very generous “test BEFORE you buy” policy, and we are doing our best to address all known issues for the people that have purchased, as well as for future customers. I’m sorry that people are getting upset, but I can only go as fast as I can go - end of story.

It is NOT in our interest to let this remain broken, do you understand that? I WANT IT FIXED, TOO.



Hi Scott,

I still have exactly the same problem with Cubase 7.0.6 (64bit) + Win7 x64 + I7core.
The problem occurs as soon as you try to insert one of your plugs into an advanced project (by advanced project I mean whith a certain amount of charge).

I can say that EXACTLY the same behaviour occurs with IMAGE LINE sawer x64 (v1.2), and with NOVATION Bass Station x64 (v2.0). Something interesting to point: IMAGE LINE SAWER crashes cubase 7 like all your plugs (as I said) but IMAGE LINE SYTRUS has a normal behaviour :wink:

I also have contacted Novation Technical Support Team for this issue.