Spectro in Sound Forge?


I’ve been trying to use Spectro (evaluation of full version) in Sound Forge 9, which is listed as supported - however, when I try to use it I don’t get a spectral analysis. The plugin loads, but if I click Previen in the effect window, or simply click the Play button, in neither case can I get any visuals.

Am I missing something? I’m running a fairly fresh install of XP SP3, with the current v9e Sound Forge. I’ve had no problems in Reaper - I plan to buy a copy, but if I can only use it in Reaper then of course I’d get the Reaper-only version. I’m hoping to be able to use SF as well, though. Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Ah … I need to remove Sound Forge from the supported list for Spectro. Sound Forge does not send timeline information to plugins, so there’s no way for Spectro to know exactly when to apply your edits when playing back.

Put another way, Sound Forge’s VST implementation is incomplete :frowning: sorry about that.

Bummer. :frowning: Thanks for letting me know, anyway.