software-requirements for Spectro ??

I plan to buy Spectro, but would like to have clarified some questions before.
I plan to use Spectro to eliminate “failures” in my field-recordings.
For example I lately recorded a crow, but unfortunately a sparrow was singing at the same moment too.
I would like to elliminate (acoustic-wise) the sparrow out of my sample.
Spectro seems to be capable of doing this job.

… But, I have only freeware sound-editors (WavePad,Audacity, acoustica3.3) and a freeware VSThost (savihost).

I would like to load a sample (WAV), work on it and save it again as WAV.
What else (software), besides Spectro, would I need to be able to do this ?


For a host, Spectro needs a wave editor or audio sequencer that can load a VST and send sample position information to the VST. All audio sequencers will send position information, but not all wave editors will. I’d say, download the evaluation version of Spectro and try it out in your various host applications. If Spectro draws any frequency information at all, that means everything is working.

I think Audacity sends position information (I should say, I’d be surprised if it didn’t).


Thanx for your reply.
Could you please inform me where I can find the evaluation version, because all I could find is the 50/25 Euro Versions ?

The evaluation version IS the one that you can download from our website. If and when you purchase a license, we send you a key file that will “tell” the plugin that it is registered.

So…just go ahead and download from the links on the website…those are correct.