spectrum options questions

i’m in the process of migrating from samplitude to reaper and one major reaper shortcoming is the lack of spectral cleaning. just today i had to go back to samplitude to clean up a vocal track i could not clean adequately in reaper using native tools. for this reason i’m looking into spectro. my concerns are twofold, however.

first, i notice there’s been no activity here in a couple of years.

second, i see that there are some options regarding how the spectrogram is displayed but haven’t seen examples.

in just the last couple of days a thread was going around the reaper forum with regard to spectral cleaning. spectro was mentioned in that thread and i commented that i didn’t like the monochrome display. it was pointed out that there are options but the user who pointed this out also said they found the options, at least somewhat, inadequate. the exact comment is:

here’s a link to the discussion:


is there any possibility that this will be enhanced/addressed? or, has development ended for spectro? i do intend to try the trial but it would be helpful to know if one could expect any improvements.


well, i suppose i could consider 2+ weeks without a response as a kind of answer.

Sorry, BabaG, I don’t get email notifications of all posts here.

We ARE working on updates to ALL plugins currently, including Spectro. Keep an eye on the website for updates. Version 3.0 should provide plenty of surprises for everyone.

Once we have that out the door, then we can consider enhancement requests, but as it sits now, feature functionality is frozen until we can get the new release out the door.


thankyou, scott.

looked at the manual some and have a question: are there size limitations to the box we draw to remove/manipulate displayed audio? if i have an area that spans the entire width of a file, can i draw a box around that. i use samplitude’s spectral editor and the boxes one draws in that seem very size-limited, like it’s only designed for short-burst kinds of issues. (i’m working on a large project at the moment and haven’t yet hit the cleanup part. i’ve been waiting to get to that phase to try the 30 day trial, hence, looking through the manual rather than trying the demo.)


Currently the GUI is not resizable, but anything you CAN select, it will process, up to the limits of available RAM.