Schwa vs ProTools

Hi, I’ve downloaded the AU evaluation version of the Olga and am now able to run it on Logic. So far so good. As I’m more of a ProTools user however I was wondering how come it does not appear in my list of instrument plug-ins in ProTools, since ProTools is also supposed to support AU plug-ins. I saw ProTools is not included in the list of audio host applications that have been tested for running Olga. Does this mean ProTools just won’t run the synth and if that’s the case, is there any chance that might chance anytime soon? Thx in advance for any info. Howie Dunham

Pro Tools does NOT support AU plugins…it only supports their own RTAS and TDM (only for Mix/HD/Accel systems) plugins.

You SHOULD be able to run the VST version of the plugin if you’re using FXPansion’s VST2RTAS wrapper (must be current version of wrapper).


Oops, my mistake, i thought Protools could run AU plugins. I’ll have to check for that VST-to-RTAS wrapper. Thanks!