Rocket 64 bit don't pass AU validation in Logic

OSX 10.6.8
Logic 9.1.7
I’m using Rocket latest beta 3.0.0 OSX
The Rocket cannot pass the validation in Logic on 64 bit.
Works nice on 32bit.

OK good news for all OSX users. I discovered that validation fail in latest Logic 9 have conflict with Rocket’s license.
Just take out the license out of the components folder and it will work!


What the heck???

Once it scans Rocket, can you put the license back?

Is it trying to validate the LICENSE as a plugin? It shouldn’t be…it’s not an AU bundle, it’s just a plain text file with special information in it.


Heh, i tried that, but when I put back license Rocket don’t want to open plugin in Logic. Weird…
Maybie the best way is to use different type of license like DMG Audio (simple command script for terminal) that would be cool solution thought.

Changing the way the plugins are licensed at this point isn’t an option, but I wonder what’s causing the scan to fail just on the license check? That is truly odd…


I’d sent you a crash report by contact form.

Got it, thanks.

Scott, If you find any solution for this problem please give us the info here. Thanks.

Actually, I know I’ve come across something like this before…it’s something to do with the compiler on OS X doing something differently than everyone else does it…I just have to find where I have it documented. It’s getting stuck in a loop way down inside the key validation code. If there’s no key, the code never executes, and it never gets stuck.

There IS a fix…I just have to dig it up.


I don’t want Swiss Army Knife like Compassion, I want Rambo Knife like The Rocket! To cut out the dynamics!

So, Scott… hurry up! Please! :laughing:

Hi Scott.
A lot of time went…
Could this fix can be made only on the key file? Should I ask for new key file for the rocket?
Also I wanted to buy Major Tom, and is there a same problem with license like with the Rocket in Logic 64 bit?


I get it, man…I’m on it. Hacking through evil code with the Rambo knife. Got it.


Hehehe… I am glad that I brought to You, this kind of working attitude :smiley:
Just cut that Apple evil to pieces, it could be nice fruit salad…thought…after working hours…