Presets not saving in Wavelab.


My EH 3.03 doesn’t seem to be working in Wavelab 8.5.1.

When I insert the plugin, I can use it and tweak it with no issues but when I save the Wavelab preset (which saves all the plugins in the chain and their settings) EH doesn’t recall the settings when I load that preset.

Even if I save just a specific preset in the EH window, it won’t recall those settings either.

I’d love to use this plugin in the mastering process but I need 100% recall of parameters.

Any ideas or suggestions?

We don’t normally test against Wavelab, but I’ll see if I can’t get a copy allocated in next month’s budget. Our plugins do not have their own save/load mechanism - we rely on the host to do that. Can’t think of any reason why Wavelab would work differently than Cubase, unless they’re not querying the plugin for settings in the same way…which is possible.