Possible Problem With Installer In Vista

When I try to install Schope on my Vista PC, I get the message that the install has stopped working. The same thing happens for the Reaper version and the all hosts version. I also get the same thing with Microschope. I’ve tried running as administrator, but get the same thing.

I’ve not had this problem with your other VSTs such as Olga, Oligarc, Verbiage or Event Horizon, which install fine.

Edit: I managed to run the installers on my laptop which has XP. Then I tranferred the VST dll’s onto my Vista computer and the VSTs run OK in Reaper. I think there might be a problem with the installer in Vista.


You can also just use WinZip or similar utility to open the installer EXE and extract the DLL directly on Vista.


Ok. I’ll bear that in mind for the future. Anyway Schope and Microschope are working fine with Reaper on my Vista computer, so I purchased them earlier today.