Olga - No Display of Active Patch (fixed)

Hi All,

First of all - Olga is my favourite lady :slight_smile: I’m still learning/evaluating but I’ve heard nothing I don’t like yet. The UI? Very cool, with an excellent duck and I read Russian like a native* so no problem there. I just love it basically.

I use REAPER and earlier I was happily making dirty sounds for my latest masterpiece creation - nice, three instances of Olga and sounding, though I say it myself, very cool.

Just loaded up my project, works fine, load up Olga’s fat and dirty bass line - pic below.

And :cry: I can’t tell what patch I’m using… I know I’m not using Accept No Substitute which is what is displayed in the REAPER window holding the instance of Olga.

How do I tell what Patch I’m using? For now I’m going to make a note using a little Note plugin written by someone or other (thanks) but am I going to remember to do that everytime? Probably not. Am I going to remember which patch I was using in that instance? Nope…

Am I missing something really obvious or can someone point me in the direction of the Feature Request forum?



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Just a note to let people know that this is resolved. Olga now shows the current patch when you load a project.


but in Live 7 or MiniHost the problem with the wrong name is still there !! When i load a fxp-file i only get “Accept No Substitute” as the name. Like i mentioned in another post names are also lost when you try to make your own bank and presets can not be overwritten.

hmmmnnn just wondering if you renamed the patch?

I use olga almost exclusively for my synth work (mainly because I decided a while ago that I want to “master” one synth rather than have 100 synths each with 1 preset that I use oh and because I also have an X-Station hardware synth)

I know from experience making patches for olga in reaper, if I don’t rename the patch before saving it, when I load it it still shows the name of that patch I altered to create my own patch.