My 10 for SCHOPE WISHLIST - by Rodhex

These are some requests for the schOPE’s wishlist. My requests are most related to FREQ MODE aesthetics.
Probably these are applicable to the other modes too. The FREQ Mode is the one i use the most.
So, in importance order these are my wishes:

01 - Clear WHITE non-antialiased-frequences-numbers.
Same thing for notes names in the rulers (if future implemented. Please see 3rd wish). Actual text numbers are a
kind of soft hard-to-see grey thing.

02 - Shortcut for UNFREEZE.
Am i missing something?

03 - (Add) Note Names in Freq Rulers along its frequence number too.
The Note Name could be just below the frequence number. I know that moving the mouse over the spectrum we can see already the note name which is very useful but Why doesn’t display it always in every displayed freq grid?.

04 - More GRID subdivisions.
Sometimes when surgically Zooming-In specific areas is not possible to see more vertical-grid-line-freq numbers. This is true specially in lowest areas of the spectrum. We need more grid subdivisions. If these could match the first 2 or 3 octaves of the spectrum would be very nice. :smiley:

05 - Sticky-color-definable-vertical-grid-freq-lines (…what a big name).
Probably related to wish 04, this color thing would be useful to tune drums or whatever, i mean “paint” a specific freq grid line and then tune the main frequence of a snare or a bassdrum to match that red or other “painted” freq. These vertical line(s) would be Always On Top and they will never disappear despite current zoom level and always would have its frequence number enligthened visible. Obviously if we are watching or panning in other distant area of the spectrum it/them will dissapear (im thinking about something like Photoshop user-guide-lines behaviour or something like that…). Perhaps this whole thing would be useful for set boundary freq zones.

06 - Smaller Interfase size.
I mean just a pair of centimeters around. 360px height will be very nice (quite right for matching Cubase Mixer :slight_smile: ). The actual Graph size is OK but clearly the rest of things could be smaller. There is space holding nothing in the interfase. Some or every switches could be moved to the right side too.

07 - Make ZOOM/PANNING parameters Midi-Controlable:

  • Horizontal Panning (FREQ MODE).
  • Vert/Horiz Zoom (FREQ MODE).
  • Freeze/Unfreeze (why not)
    I think the above ones (zoom related) would be a very unique feature never seen before in spectrum-class plugins like this. Good bye mouse !!!. If you know some plugin which can already make that please let me know.

08 - ADD 2 channels.
In order to have 6. Great.

09 - LOG/Linear freq toggle switch.

10 - Duplicate or move upper ruler to the bottom area of the graph.
Maybe make the same with the Level ruler duplicating it to the left side. Im not sure of this wish. Maybe make rulers position user definable.

(NOTE: This is an example of what im talking about in wishes 03,04,05 & 06. 4 colored sticky grid lines. Graph height has been shrinked)

Thanks a lot.
BTW. Did you already see my tutorial about how to use Schope plugin with Cubase?.
If you didnt yet, check it here.

OohhhhYeah my 2 Posts about Schope have been visited many times. No feedback yet —except scott— but anyway thank you. You know what, i quoted myself cause i just discovered something very interesting. Here is the history:

Some plugin companies make their parameters not able to be midi controlled. Schope’s Manual doesn’t even say anything about Midi Control capabilities, so with that 2 things in mind i didn’t make any effort in search a solution for that within Cubase. That is the reason i requested that here. I was greatly wrong. My wish 07 is mostly SOLVED. (keep reading).

When i started using Schope for the very 1st time i tried immediately to create a template to control it via Generic Remote but for some unknown reason —within Cubase Device Setup window i guess— i wasn’t able to make it.
I remember i didn’t even see any Schope parameter for been edited. So with that attempt and what i said before i decided to end my mission.

Last week i was editing some of my Cubase Generic Remote XMLs files and i was greatly surprised, i realized that almost all Schope parameters actually Can Be really MIDI Controlable. So i was wrong in part of my original post. :mrgreen:
In Cubase when u press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+click on the “e” button of a plugin you can see its parameters with no original GUI. I dont know why but that thing made me think and rethink about retry to make Schope Midi Controlable.

PIC1.OohhhhYeah im very happy. I am still right with something,
the Freeze button can’t be MIDI Controlable yet.

So that’s it. Now i succesfully have 4 encoders of my Behringer BCR to control the Panning Parameters of Schope. Horizontal Axis Low and High and Vertcial Axis make those tasks.
BTW i use BC Manager to set up my BCR. My next step is to make some shortcuts on some BCR Buttons to ZoomIN on specific areas of the spectrum. I’m pretty sure i can make this in only one button, ohh yeah “one click to display from 20 to 200hz spectrum”…or maybe a “Zoom Extent/All”…Many possibilities…great.