Monitoring Pre and Post Compression

I am looking to get a multiscope that will be able to monitor a signal pre and post compression to help visualise what is is happening to the signal. The description of the product suggests this is possible. However, I cannot see how this could be set up as, at least in Cubase, it appears that the signal is sent to the plugin via a send. As the send on the channel is at a fixed point in the channel (ie post insert), how could one measure the initial signal and the post insert compressed signal?

I really like the look of the plugin as it has many modes but if I cant do this it may have to be something like Blue Cats product.

Wow, It’s been a while since my last visit around here. I’ve noticed many people have seen my [size=85]SCHOPE & CUBASE[/size] post. Thats pretty cool.

Back to you:
I think Schope can do what you want to do. I dont have Cubase here to try the setup by myself but just guessing you would need 3 Tracks: 1 Stereo Track for your stereo file, 1 Quadro Group Track for Schope and finally 1 Group Type Track for your Compressor o whatever.

Remember this, in Cubase —at least v5— the sends 1-6 are prefader and the sends 7-8 are postfader.