Logic 8 on Mac Pro Tiger

I cant install correctly … dont know where to put authorization code???

I presume the plugin (.component) file goes in the folder with all the other plugins

Logic says its validated but I keep getting an error message

Please help

I was having the same problem at first. Did some research and found out about the .key registration. Internet Explorer link for the key would not give me a valid key code. So I downloaded Google Chrome and was able to download the link for the key. Problem with Google Chrome is that I believe you have to have Leopard 10.5. Luckily I have it on my Macbook Pro, so I just transferred the download to my G5.

I was getting error codes when I routed up Schope. Couldn’t figure out why, but later found out it was because I was trying to load it on a mono channel. Seems like it will only work on “stereo” channels. I was use to loading Logic’s eq analysers on mono channels so I thought it would be the same for Schope.

Make sure you transfer the compenant file and key file to HD/Library/Audio/Plugins/Component.

Good luck.

did you leave the key with the following extension .key.txt?

thanks again