Input blend


bought verbiage at the end of last year and i have to say it sounds great. But i have a question…
Can you tell me the meaning of the input blend fader in the master section?

Kind regards

Blending the left and right channel together for the purposes of feeding the inputs of the reverb section (it’s not actually blending the dry signal that you hear…just the input to the reverb). It’s not quite the same thing as blending the reverb wet outputs…

It’s just there because I felt it might come in handy sometime…just another tool to help craft the sound.


Hi Scott
thanks for your explanation…

Have a nice day and keep up your great work

Back to this months later… so input blend fully left = untouched stereo in… fully right, fully blended to mono?

Then for the out put, fully left is mono out, center is what? Full right is what M/S minus the M?

Remember, this is feeding the input to the reverb.

Fully left, the reverb gets fed a stereo input, and gets a stereo WET output.

Fully right/clockwise/on, the reverb gets fed a mono input, and still gets a stereo WET output, since the left and right reverbs are not identical…they wet output will sound MORE mono than before…a narrower stereo image, in some senses.

The stereo width command is messing with the reverb WET signal on the output side of the reverb, rather than the input…it’s a different sound.

NONE of this affects the dry signal at all.

Basically, twiddle the knob and decide whether you like the sound or not. It is what it is.