Some suggestions/requests


I’ve just tested Verbiage 1.52.05 a bit. I’m interested in it but some things are missing for me:

  1. Hide mouse pointer when dragging faders/knobs. Feels much better.

  2. Fine tune mode via SHIFT+Drag

  3. Full integration of REAPER VST Extensions:

  4. Changing the “-90dB” label in the gate to “-inf” if it really turn off the gate function

  5. Smooth “Density” parameter change. At the moment you can get nasty bursts when changing that parameter. This should be avoided.

  6. When dragging faders/knobs with the right mouse button you get a tooltip shown. Why does it not hide automatically when releasing the mouse button? Feature or bug?

Hope that’s not too much :wink:

Looking forward …

  1. That would actually annoy me…I want to know where the mouse pointer is at all times
  2. I’m working on that, but that requires a lot of under-the-hood changes to that control type. Not possible with current code.
  3. I’ll consider it, but to be honest, the biggest part of our market is NOT Reaper.
  4. Changing the label to -inf would also imply that the smallest increment above that position would be down below -120 or something…not -89. I see the potential for confusion, but neither answer is “right”.
  5. Difficult, because the entire reverb engine gets resturctured at that point…best I could do would be to mute and flush the engine so that reverb drops out when you switch that control. there is no smooth way to “morph” between any two settings of that control.
  6. because right-click brings up a direct numeric edit field (it’s not a tool tip). either left or right drag will continue to leave that field up and show you the current value. hitting right-click a second time, or pressing enter in the data entry box, will dismiss the edit box. This is by design. Right-click-drag has no special meaning in the plugs…the plugin is just interpreting the right click and then the drag.


Ok, thanks!

  1. Mmh, the pointer is at the actual fader position then. Have a look at Ohmforce or Voxengo plugins -> Perferct in them. Too bad you don’t like it. For me that’s really a reason to not buy plugins. It just doesn’t “feel” right to me when tweaking faders/knobs It also helps to prevent limits in fader movement when having plugins at screen egdes. With the mouse cursor not hidden you can’t move faders above the “screen limits” …

  2. Yeah, but you sell special REAPER versions so I thought that might be a good thing to have.

  3. I just don’t want to hear noise bursts. So muting the output for a short time (with short fades) would be a good solution I guess.