I don't get this plugin

As an avid user of pretty much everything else SnS Music Factory (Scott n Schwa of course) have ever touched, this plug perplexes me. I just don’t get it. How are folks using it and what general settings are you using? Having complete control over the RMS value of the listening circuit is pretty much bewildering to me as are the various modes (Punch, Heft, etc). Minus ReaComp, I have lived in a safe little bubble where the nice designer protected me from such scary things and I just know I can pop Majortom to Peak for click and RMS for punch or use Rocket to completely smush. My experience thus far with the plug has been a pumping bassy nightmare and I know it is because I have no frigging clue how to work the thing.

If you turn the detector to flat, it’ll behave a LOT more like ReaComp.

Have you read the manual?

Yes, in Mode I or II, it is going to let the bass be more prominent…that’s what it’s supposed to do. Tame all frequencies according to their apparent loudness. You’re probably overdoing it. Go through the presets and have at it.

When it comes down to it, it’s not THAT much different than other compressors…I just expose a lot of the wiring.