Help Installing with Cubase & 64 bit Windows

I purchased Transient Monster without even trying it (after hearing all about it from The Home Recording Show). I’m using 64 bit Windows, Cubase 5.

It’s been a few days of trying now and I cannot get Cubase 5 to load the plugin. It’s just not there, as though Cubase doesn’t even know the .dll file exists. I’ve tried installing it in several different folders, and have even tried the regular 32bit VST file…no dice. Have also tried removing the license key file and just installing the demo version…still nothing.

Anyone out there using Cubase with this plug?

What directory did you install the .dll in, and where is Cubase looking for the dll? That would be the problem 99 times out of 100.

Is Cubase set to read VST2 plugins? My plugins are not VST3 (yet).