Help with install and Pro Tools

Hi. Can anyone tell me why just the very top of my plugin shows up in Pro Tools 7.4 on leopard. I installed VST to Rtas convertor. Place my Trans Monster vst into Library/audio/vst and the trans Monster dpm is in library/appsupport/digidesign/plugins so what gives? I wish I could take a screen shot to show you what I mean but basically it shows up listed under wrapped plugins and when opened I just get the top part of it where I can save settings and that’s it. No plugin.

Please help

Okay I reinstalled and it shows up in pro tools now but says it’s unregistered. I placed my key file in library/audio/plugins/vst where my TransientMonsterVST.vst file is.

Please help.

My order number is U29071013

Please email your key file to scott at stillwellaudio dot com and I’ll make sure it’s valid…and fix it if it’s not. If possible, please email it from the address your plugin is registered to.



Resolved via email.