Global installer

May I ask if you have any plans to build a global installer for your plugins?
I have buy most of them and it will save time and will help to have this feature. :slight_smile:



What do you mean by a global installer? Just wanting to be sure…


Hello Scott!
Sorry, I’m Swiss and maybe that’s the wrong name…

I’m talking about an installer package to install all the chosen plugins at once. When you launch it, you can select which plugin to install and what format (vst, au).

It takes me a certain time when I want to update all my Stillwell plugins, I have to download every single disk image, open, copy for every plugins. It’s not a deal breaker for me, I can manage but it would be helpful, I think.

I hope you understand my question :mrgreen: And thank you for your time!


Ah, yes, okay…I understand you. The only problem I have with that idea is that it would be a quite large download…over 50 MB, when somebody may want just one plugin. A waste, when I have to pay for the bandwidth used.

Still, I’ll consider it.


Ok, thanks for your answer :smiley:
I understand your point, and it’s not something necessary or urgent or a request.

Why not a link to all the stillwell plugins wraped in one zipped folder? This link could be sent on request so you can have a control if the person own the licence or not??

Again, this not a primary concern but it would help in the upgrade process.

Thanks for all!