These Stillwell plugin’s seem to be very good quality, all of them. So why not offer them also as a bundle! :smiley:

  • Mikko

Thank you very much, we work very hard on them and are are glad to hear that you’re appreciating it.

Our position on bundles is this: Our products are, we think, already incredibly good value. That, combined with our trial policy, leads us to believe we are being generous and (at the very least) meeting our users halfway. So, we do not do bundles, and will not be doing so in the future. Even our largesse has a limit, and we think we’ve struck a very fair balance.

I do hope that you agree!

Oh yes, I completely agree. I just had to check it out before make a purchase.

  • Mikko

I just purchased everything you guys do that will run in Logic (both Stillwell and Schwa). I love your plugs, they have great character, and I agree that they are priced right. Maybe instead of a bundle, consider a “buy all” or “buy multiple” kind of button. It would save a few clicks. :mrgreen:

Hmm … perhaps I should rename one of my kids “STML.” STML Schwa, has a nice ring to it.

Short term memory loss, Sean’s Techno Music Library, See Timmy Make LysergicAcidDiethylamide.

It has meant many things depending on the gig and audience, you are free to use any interpretation you want for your sprog :slight_smile:

I agree with “buy all” option without a discount. I’m not sure about the online processor you use but some of them charge a transaction fee in place of or in addition to a percentage of the cost. If that is the case, then you’d end up buying them less for the purchase.

As you say, the plug-ins are already very competitively priced. I can tell you from experience that un-discounted “bundles” would nonetheless help to create a perception that you are offering a wide ranging solution and might help you appeal to more users.

Personally, the first few times I heard about your products were in Computer Music Magazine and they were in the news section typically reserved for small developers making products at low prices that are fun to check out. I believe that while your company may be small, these products have serious value for professional musicians and engineers. My perception comes from testing them against UAD products, Abbey Road Plug-ins, Focusrite LiquidMix and multi-thousand dollar outboard gear on a Mac and PC. Your plug-ins have a unique sound at a competitive price with low CPU usage and are quick and easy to use. I would capitalize on that. :wink:

I’ll see what can be done about that…I agree that saving some clicks for multiple-purchase customers is a worthwhile thing to do…it’s the wiring to SWREG that will be a pain.

As I say, good thought and I will see what I can come up with.


I say you have a group buy, double coupon day… with 2 years same as cash. :smiley: