No doubt this has been discussed, but I really like your plugs and have bought Bombardier and 1973. Why don’t you have a bundle of all your plugs at a nice discount?

They are already bundle priced… These are high end plugins, not low end plugins. These are mastering quality.

:sunglasses: :sunglasses:

And I’m not being insensitive. I totally understand bro. Believe me. Cheers

Unfortunately also professionally unmaintained … so :frowning:

I’m sorry that’s your opinion, but they ARE being maintained…and enhanced. Not fast enough for you? Possibly, even probably. Doesn’t change the fact that work IS being done.


Would like to pipe in here and say that, to Scott’s credit, the plugs themselves work flawlessly in my MBP/OSX Lion/Logic 9 rig. Yeah updates are nice and all, but I’m glad Scott hasn’t succumbed to the temptation of spitting out ‘hold-me-over’ update releases that have bugs or ruin things as they currently are. Some developers try too hard to keep putting out ‘updates’ with new features and/or ‘fixes’ that oftentimes end up crashing all of the time, eat projects, screw up plug-in caches, etc, all of which cost the user a lot of time and bring on the buyer’s remorse. For the record I have no regrets about buying Scott’s plugs (admittedly I still need to license ‘Bombadier’ and ‘Bad Buss Mojo’…have bought all others) and I use his plugs every day and they easily outshine other plugs I have paid more for. Just sayin’…

I agree that these are excellent plugins and work very nicely as is. I have purchased several, and am considering a couple more.

I think, though, that if a potential new customer were to visit the site and see that the news had not been updated since November of 2010, they may have some concern.

It is clear from the forum site that Scott is pretty engaged, but someone new is unlikely to visit the forum if they are concerned about the site itself.

It would just be nice to see some sort of update, even discussing an idea, from time to time to demonstrate that Stillwellaudio is vibrant.

I say this as a fan of the devs, and would like Stillwell to regain the place it had in a lot of conversations about good and useful VSTs on a number of other website forums.

Thanks for that…nicely stated.

You will be seeing more updates from is in the next few months…promise!



Excellent news. Glad to hear it.

Ditto to what Ravasb said. I can’t imagine the effort it takes for developers to keep up with the myriad of tech changes that happen every day (even on just one platform), let alone those who are doing it all by themselves without staff, help, investors, etc… That being said, these plugs are better than the lion’s share of plugs on the market and their quality and useability speaks volumes to me about how much Scott really has invested himself into them. Money aside, I think it’s pretty obvious that Scott puts everything he has into these because of the love of it. $50-ish per plug is a paltry price for what he offers…

[size=50](…And so now that I’ve buttered Scott up a bit there…let me just put in another ‘plug’ for a multi-band dynamics processor…I’m thinking if ever there would be a ‘holy grail’ of multi-band processors it would be a Stillwell…Just sayin’…And if ever that starts to happen, I’d love to help beta test it!) :ugeek: [/size]

I want ALL the plugins Scott…ALL of THEM…just bundle them all together and don’t even offer a discount, LOL.

I certainly don’t think that the plugs are over priced! I think they are a great bargain. However, most of the other Stillwell plugs I haven’t bought can be covered more or less by ones native to Samplitude, or that I already have bought from PSP, Nomad Factory, etc. Not getting into what’s “better”, I would more likely buy all of them and enjoy finding uses for their particular talents if there was a good bundle price. I don’t have a lot of money, and most plugs I have bought have been on sale or interesting bundles like Magma. I don’t use pirated plugs, which are ridiculously easy to procure. I don’t think there is anything out of line by asking about a bundle discount.