I really like this plugin, however this dipstick thing is getting on my nerves a bit. I know it’s just a tool, and that the sound counts, but this calling names makes me feel paranoid. I try not to click on the logo, but every time I look at GUI I remember it’s hiding there, “Pay up, pipstick!”. I have paid up… and it’s, still there.

Hmm…if you’ve put the license file in place, that message should be gone.

Also, it’s a joke, y’know? Lighten up a little…from the terms of our licensing and our prices, you should figure out we’re not THAT harsh…


I know, I know. It’s just that when I launch it it thanks me for registering and when I click on the logo it calls me a dipstick, it just feels a bit odd and I wanted to share me feelings.

Seriously, though…when you put the license file in the same directory as the plugin .DLL file, the message doesn’t go away? There should be a different background when you click on the logo if the plugin is registered…

Let me know.


Basically, this is what it is, the message didn’t go away.

Hi there.

Yes, I have the same ‘trouble’, not that I ever actually click on that: I just came to assume that it says dipstick whether you’ve paid or not: mine’s a Reaper-only license, would that make a difference (even from within Reaper)?


Our plugins should only nag and insult unregistered users. If you have a license XXX.key file sitting in the same directory as your plugin and the plugin is still rude, please email your key file to either scott or I (scott or schwa at stillwellaudio dotcom).

Thanks Schwa.

Apparently Scott says that he’ll fix it. Yay!

Just so long as you aren’t calling folks turkeys…

I was quite the follower of this guy for a while until he got into name calling…

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