Cannot find EventHorizon plug-in in Pro Tools 10


I recently purchased your EventHorizon plug-in for commercial use in all hosts.

I downloaded the VST version and placed a copy of the key file (without the .txt) in the same folder as the plug in (Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST). I’m using a MacBook Pro.

The problem is that I cannot find it anywhere when I want to insert it as a plug-in. Normally, I would expect to find it

under the dynamics plug-ins but it’s not there, and I couldn’t find it in any of the other ones.

That’s because Pro Tools does not use VST plugins. Not just ours…ANYONES’. Pro Tools uses their own plugin formats called RTAS or AS, or if you have Pro Tools HD and a TDM card, then there are also TDM plugins. Pro Tools 11 uses a new format called AAX.

Please contact [email protected] and request a refund based on incorrect product purchased. Every time someone does that, it costs me money (Fastspring takes their commission out of what you paid for the plugin, but they take the entire refund amount out of MY pocket), but I don’t want you to have something you can’t use.

That being said…we have our fully-functional evaluation downloads available on the site for a reason. We normally reserve the right to refuse refunds…purchases are without refund because we can’t take key files back once issued. Download, test, THEN buy.