authentication problem


I was told about the Event Horizon plugin and I wanted to try it but the Audio Unit Manager authentication failed with this error message… “Changing max frames property did not fire off a property changed notification”. I’m clueless.


You don’t have the most recent version…where and when did you get yours?



I downloaded it a month or so ago and it was at that time that the authentication failed. I’ve been distracted with other projects until now. I’m running a IMac 10.6.2

okeydokey. Just download the latest version from the regular download links on the website…they’re compatible with Snow Leopard, and I just tested them against the new 10.6.3 update and Logic 9.1.1 with no problems.



I’ll try again then. Thanks very much. I’m looking forward to giving EH a spin.

Oh yes…should I delete the old version first?

Got it! The install was a breeze compared to before.

Thanks Scott