Stillwell TransMonster secret parameters?!?

Hey I posted this on another forum but I thought I’d just try and come to the source: :bulb:

"So I was controlling Stillwell’s Transient Monster plug tonight using (Novation) Automap for the first time, and strangely enough, two new parameters I’d never seen before show up on my SL MKII’s LCD! As far as I can tell they have no presence in the gui, and aren’t mentioned anywhere on Stillwell’s site.

They are “Attack Style” and “Sustain Style” and can be set to either “Old” or “New”. At first I thought they might be leftover parameter titles from features that never got implemented, but they DO produce a (large) effect on the sound. I even tried some simple null testing to make sure it wasn’t just putting the plug into “Oversample” mode or changing the gain, but as far as I can tell that’s not the case.

Upon turning up the Attack Gain, for example, “New” style seems much more pronounced and apparent than the “Old”. It almost sounded like adding reverb or boosting the mids (basically an exaggeration of the original processing) . Unfortunately I’m not experienced enough to describe it better than that, but I’d think others that use this plug must either already know about it or would want to!"

I improved the processing at some point in the past, but I didn’t want to break old projects…so that parameter is there for compatibility. New instances should automatically default to the “new” style.

The parameter actually affects the attack and release times of the level detectors. Yes, the updated version should rock a lot harder than the old.


I thought I replied earlier but I guess it didn’t take. (Edit: Duh I must have hit “Save” instead of “Submit”)

Thanks for the help. It may be a bug then in Ableton Live 8 becuase I think it defaults to the “Old” styles. I’ll check later to be sure.

In Renoise both default to “Old” too. First time I tested this I thought it’s no good, but then I noticed these two parameters not accessible via gui and it now it sounds pretty good. Gonna buy a license soonish.

Thanks. An update I’m working on for all of my plugins should handle new/modified parameters MUCH better…as well as being more cross-platform friendly.


on windows i can easily find those 2 “secret” parameters but I can’t find them on mac (in both cases I’m using Live 8)

those new styles of attack and sustain are pretty dope so… what the funk? :cry: