Spectro only showing frequencies up to 22000Hz?

Hello, I’m checking out the Spectro trial and I have a question. Am I right in understanding that Spectro can only affect frequencies up to 22000Hz? Even if frequencies between 22000 and 48000Hz isn’t always that audible they do mess up other FX that I use, so I was looking to being able to edit them as well.

Unless you’re running at 88 or 96 kHz sample rate, there IS NO content above 22.1 or 24 kHz under any circumstances - Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem sees to that. Any frequency components above the Nyquist frequency ( Fs / 2 ) will wrap around and alias to a lower frequency (aliasing distortion).

The short answer is that the Spectro UI only shows what it is capable of editing. Possibly we could make it sample-rate aware so that the UI scales, but that’s not something that can happen immediately.


Thank you for a quick response (to which I’m slow to reply). I do actually record in 96 KHz, as I process stuff a lot for electroacoustic music, and I’ve previously used Audiosculpt for this, but now I’m on a Windows computer. So in this case Spectro might not be helpful for me. Other than this I find it a really good plugin.