Stillwell plugins at 96khz?

Hi there,

Do the plugins process at 96khz if my projects is?
Are there any filters or cut offs in the plugins designed for 44.1khz that will cause problems with higher rates?


Yes, they run at your project sample rate…regardless of what that is.

No, they do not cut off above 22.05 kHz…EXCEPT see below.

Some of our plugins also have oversampling switches that will make them run internally at 2x to 4x the external sampling rate. When in oversampling mode, those DO have filters intended to filter out aliasing artifacts that otherwise might show up at ANY sampling rate due to processes like compression or distortion and DO cut signal off steeply above 20 kHz…but if you need to leave in signals beyond 22.05 kHz, by all means, just leave that turned off.