Saving Parameters in Nuendo 4.3 Session

I tested Bombardier Parameter Saving in Session in Reaper, Nuendo 4.3(x86) and Nuendo 4.3(x64) on my Vista Ultimate(x64).

I created a brand new session from scratch in each test. Only one stereo audio track routed directly to the Output. I tried to dial-in the same values for every parameter. Only Bombardier in Nuendo 4.3(x86) didn’t give me the exact values for RMS and Release Times. I set those to the nearest values possible, since there’s no way to type them in.

1 - Reaper saved all parameters with no issues at all after being restarted.
2 - Both versions of Nuendo 4.3 showed the same Mode problem. If set to “Punch” or “Heft”, the dial goes straight to “Firm” Position whenever I save the session or close/restart Nuendo and reopen.