Greetings Schwa, wow you have your work cut out here, thanks for the reply and sorry for the missed place post, Schwa, I have now bought the full Pligarc, when I click on the machine interface to register, the website opens, but sorry I cant see where to register it?

Thanks again

Sorted, thank you very much indeed. Looking forward to purchasing some more, great discovery… nice website that lead me here

I am trying to register my Oligarc and have placed the file into the same directory as the componant with file name of numbers-OLIG.key and it still does not recognise it even though I have shut logic down several times and re-started.

piersvivid, did you purchase a Reaper-only license? If so, it will only work in Reaper, not Logic. You can email us at support at stillwellaudio dot com and we can sort a way for you to upgrade to an all-hosts ilcense if you wish.