Oligarc in Logic 8 won't register

Just purchased Oligarc. Installed the key in the components folder. Made sure I only had one copy of Oligarc installed. Still says unregistered. I haven’t modified the key in any way. Help!

I just looked through the order emails…I see your purchase. I think there may be a bit of confusion here. Did you really mean Oligarc, or Oligarc Filter, which is a different plugin?

You purchased an Oligarc Filter license…that won’t work with the full Oligarc plugin suite.

Let me know which one you THOUGHT you bought…


It would appear that I paid for the other Oligarc. I’ll check it out and probably use it, however, it is confusing. Both the product and the purchase page don’t really make it easy to determine that there are two very similarly named products. I can see the Oligarc filter listing now, but it is below the bottom of the page, where you need to scroll down, and on the purchase page, I only see one reference to Oligarc (the filter). Oh, well. I should have noticed what I was purchasing, but the site could have helped me avert my error.

I have changed the “Purchase” page to list ALL of the Oligarc plugin versions. Thanks. Note that the purchase links on the individual product pages ARE correct…had you clicked the “Buy” button on Oligarc’s product page, you would have purchased the plugin you intended to buy.

Sorry for the mixup…hopefully nobody else will run into this now. You can feel a LITTLE better about it in that all proceeds from Oligarc Filter go to charity.