Question about upgrade path

Hello there,

I really dig the plugins and as a Reaper user who also uses SONAR, Project 5, and Energy XT2 (sometimes), I was wondering if there’s any upgrade path from the non-Commercial Reaper versions to the full-on VST commercial versions. Like if I buy the $25 Reaper-only version of vibeEQ today and use it in Reaper then decide down the road that I want to take it over to my SONAR projects, can I pay the difference between the non-commercial and the commercial versions for the full commercial version? Just curious!

Well, odd as it may sound, there’s no answer to that question at the moment. I’ll talk with schwa about it and we’ll come up with a policy and procedure (if the answer is ‘yes’).


Awesome! Let me know! I’ve only started using Reaper about four months ago and it’s quickly becoming my go-to host app, which is why the Reaper-only version of your plugs are looking to appealing!