Who's Using Stillwell Plugs With Reaper?

I was wondering how many Reaper users are using Stillwell plugs. I work with Reaper fulltime in my studio and was thinking about how cool Stillwell plugs are and was wanting to dive into it more ya know?

Any tips would be well appreciated.


I use them all the time. They sound great, and I can use a lot of them because they are CPU efficient. It does not hurt that the license is considerably cheaper to use in Reaper, too.

I have Rocket, Bombardier, Event Horizon, VibeEQ and BadBuss Mojo and they are all fine.

Using Stillwell plug-ins with Reaper here too. Vibe and 1973 for EQs, and Rocket, Major Tom and Bombardier for compression 90% of the time. For everything else I just mostly use Reaper stock plug-ins as they do a great job and Line 6 for some stuff too.