Major Tom crashes Orion Pro

Hi Guys,
just trying out Major Tom on my computer (PC, Pentium D, XP SP2 3GB RAM) after it had been highly recommended to me - and so far I am very impressed. Finally no Attack and Release - I hate those knobs! Anyway, all works fine in Orion Pro (7.2) until I move any of the knobs in the Major Tom interface and the the program immediately hangs in an audio loop and needs to be shut down. Happens all the time… By the way, 1973 does the same. Is there a work around as I’d really love to use both… Thanks! :frowning:

I believe we’ve found the problem and I’m making new builds of everything…I’ll post another message when new versions are available to download.



Wow…thank you Scott…

Bump…Same comment for 1973,vibe eq in latest Orion 7.5 version.

We’re communicating with Jouni (Orion developer) about this issue, we’ll post here when it’s resolved. Sorry for the trouble!

In case this wasn’t solved by Synapse or you (in which case this post was a bit senseless :laughing: ) you still - at least in orion platinum - get sometimes those “mini dump” messages if something goes wrong (they used that in the 7.5 betas). Maybe if one of you got such a file, you could send it in (info how to do this is in the Orion-forum). I’m interested in this too, as I use Orion Platinum besides Reaper, but didn’t test Major Tom up to now, and 1973 just in Reaper.