I like vibe EQ, and would LOVE it if...

sound = great, just bought it.
UI… one annoyance.

I want to just be able to click the numbers and have the dial go directly to that number.
it may seem like a minor thing, but it would increase the speed in which I can use it. I could simply click and set 5 settings in the time it would take me to rotate the dial click+drag style…

k…I’ve got a round of updates coming up…I’ll think about finding a way to do something like that.


awesome! vibe EQ would be 100% perfect to my eyes and ears then!

Any news on this?
Will my dream of being able to click the numbers to set the dial come true?

Not yet…in the middle of said updates right now…I’ve got everything torn apart and lying in pieces on the workbench. :slight_smile: