HG World - A Parsec award winning serial audio drama


I’m Mike Stokes, Technical Producer of the serial audio drama HG World. I’ve been producing the finished audio for this show for over two years and I’m proud to list Reaper and Stillwell Audio Plugs as two of the primary tools that help us achieve the high quality of production that our show has become known for and recently awarded for.

HG World
is the PARSEC-award-winning story of people living after the end of the world. The walking dead dominate the Earth and living struggle to control the remaining resources.

HG World launched in 2009 and has grown in scope and quality over two seasons of production. With a cast on three continents and a production team with diverse skills and background, HG World has grown into its own as it embarks on a new series of episodes this winter.

Our show is freely available for listening* at our web site (goodmorningsurvivors.com) and as a free podcast feed through iTunes.

*HG World contains strong language and mature themes. Listener discretion is advised.