FL studio 12 Destroying my fav preset... HELP!

I just installed fl studio 12 on my PC . I really like it… However, when I load my 80’s screaming guitar preset (my favorite for olga)
it loads. but the preset is completely destroyed!! It sounds like a low unison bass instead of getting an awesome guitar sound! Help!
This is my signature sound on most of my album!! (that isn’t done yet.
Also the amp sim I am using is slayer 2 (32 bit) it doesn’t come in 64.

When I go into my old version of fl studio, the guitar sound plays perfectly!
how can i fix this? I would like to continue using this sound. (and it is my main use for olga)
Also I never found out a way to save presets as fxps. I just msg’ed a user who exported as external presets.
I would really like to know how to do this.

P.S. If I may make a sugestion, Please add “How to save as external presets” to the manual, I can’t find it in there to save my life!