Exception in rocket DLL with 64 bit SONAR 7 export

I recently purchased Vibe EQ and Rocket. They work well, but any attempt to do a 64 bit export in SONAR 7 causes an exception in the rocket DLL. If I turn off 64 bit bouncing it works fine, so I assume it’s 64 bit related. I’ve learned over the years that any exception during export is probably related to 64 bit so that’s the first thing I try is turning it off.

Anyone experiencing this? I’m on the latest patch of 7, though I’m not at the DAW right now to get the actual release number. Oher things in use in this project are BFD 1.5, Waves RenEQ/Comp, Waves SSL channels and EQ, and a couple other things. I’ve been using all those other bits for a long time. They have their quirks, but otherwise they are quite stable, so I don’t think it’s related to them, though of course it could always be some interaction.

If it’s helpful I’ll grab the event logs record for the failure.

None of our plugins are tested or supported on 64-bit DAWs, as they are designed to operate in a 32-bit environment. We may release a 64-bit native version eventually, but that’s gonna require me to set up a 64-bit test environment, which may take me a while (been on a DAW-buying craze recently…a bit cashed-out at the moment).

That being said…if you have crash logs or anything that could help point us to a root cause for the problem, I’ll see what we can do about finding a fix. I never purposely want to leave someone stuck with something that doesn’t work, but please remember that this is an unsupported environment and there may not BE a fix.


I didn’t mean running in a 64 bit OS, I meant doing an export with 64 bit floating point format enabled as the audio format. It’s 32 bit XP in terms of the OS. But SONAR has a floating point summing buss and can push data through in either 64 bit or 32 bit.

hrm…all of our plugins are 64-bit internally, and support the VST 2.4 standard as regards double-precision floating point processing. Even single-precision data is processed internally at 64 bits. As an example, REAPER’s processing is internally all 64-bit…we don’t have issues with that.

I don’t have Sonar 7, but I do have Sonar 8…I’ve done some renders (or at least Bounce to Track on the main mix) with output format at both 24 and 64 bit, with 64-bit Mix Engine turned on…no issues.

If there’s any kind of debug log, shoot it my way…I’ll see what I can come up with.


It may be some bad interaction with Waves plugs, or possibly BFD. What I may do once I get this current piece done is make a copy of the project, bounce BFD down, and then remove BFD from the project and see if that stops it. If so, that’s the culprit. If not, I’ll remove various individual Waves plugs and see if one of them getting removed stops it, to see if I can narrow it down.