Event Hoziron on Reaper master track

This has got to be something elementary that I am missing now:

I place Event Horizon as the last plugin on the Reaper MASTER track.
I put it to the Clipper-mode.

When I turn the Treshold-knob counterclockwise, I hear the music louder, like expected.
When I turn the Ceiling-knob counterclockwise, I hear the music getting quieter, like expected.


Let’s say I have the Ceiling-knob in its default value, a little bit below the zero. Now when I turn the treshold from zero counterclockwise, the music is getting louder, but the volume on the master track reaches first zero ,then goeas above zero - i.e. no clipping done by Event Horizon.
If I render this file then to a wav-file, the samples reach their maximum values (at zero db) - clipping done implicitly in the rendering process, not explicitly by Event Horizon like I would expect.

What am I doing wrong?

I finally had to apply Event Horizon by rendering first to Wav-file, then opening that with Sound Forge and then applying Event Horizon in Sound Forge. That works as expected ( but I don’t like this solution as my Event Horizon is registered for Reaper only and Sound Forge does not apply effects “on the fly”).

I am using Reaper v 3.52. I purchased the Event Horizon a couple of weeks ago so I assume it is the latest version.

Can you send me a sample reaper project and source media that demonstrates the problem? I have not seen this behavior here…clip mode is pretty straightforward.