Encoder Support

Hi Scott,

I am having an issue using encoders to control switch based parameters on your plugins. My midi controllers are standard encoders sending 00 messages for decrementing and 7F messages for incrementing. It would be nice if parameters that are switch based could be incremented and decremented after receiving 5 of the messages. Any chance this could happen :slight_smile:

My plugins don’t explicitly respond to any MIDI messages, but I’ll look into what it would take to make it happen.


I’m sorry I forgot to include that I’m using Reaper to do the midi latchin… I guess I need to speak to Justin ** or Schwa*** about that…

Definitely a host thing. In VST land all parameters are presented to the host as a [0,1] range, so if a switch parameter has 4 settings, you need to increment from 0 to 0.25 in order to make the switch change state, then 0.25 to 0.5 for the next change, etc.