big audio burst when changing gain.

annoying bug

when i choose mid1 freq and want to reduce gain from mid1 and audio is playing through, i have a BIG audio burst like a digital feedback ( i was effraid my speaker was destroyed ).
it’s not each time, and i don’t know what parameters are responsible for the moment, but it has already happened

i am on mac book pro, os 10.4, ableton live, presonus firepod 48khz,16bit


When you change the GAIN, or when you change the FREQ? your title says one thing, the message seems to say the other…


i changed the title :wink:
sorry, when i change down the gain, that was weird
it seems not easy to reproduce the effect.

actually, i have some pops when i change frequencies (not each time),
but that’s all i can’t reproduce the error

if i could the process to repeat it i will tell you

same happens here in live 6. it’s usually when changing gain. if you have a limiter on your bus you’ll at least prevent your speakers from being shot. it’s not systematically reproducable for me either. you can provoke it by heavily fiddling with the knobs, though. i did not come across this issue in logic 8.0.2.