Better anti-spam, easier registration

We’ve made a fairly large change to our registration process - we’ve eliminated all captchas, Q&As - all tasks that supposedly help identify spammers.

“WHAT?!?! This place is going to be overrun with spam! I’m outta here!” you might say…but you would be (hopefully) hasty and wrong. We have instituted much stronger low-level checks that identify spammers by the IP addresses they’re coming from, the email addresses they use, the URLs they put in their profiles and signatures, the user agents that their “web browser” (bots) show up as…all things that are in general a MUCH more reliable indicator of spam activity and are contributed by forum users and security companies worldwide.

If you see any errors or think you’re being blocked in error, use the contact form on the main website to let us know. It’s also linked to some pretty stiff anti-spam technology that has VERY low false positive rates.

If you’re a spammer and you try to register or post spam here, you WILL be reported.

Did we mention that we don’t like spam?

Scott & Crew