In case it wasn't obvious

We’ve changed forum software from phpBB to Discourse. Virtually all content and users have come across from the old site, and that is just so amazing that it boggles the mind. :slight_smile:

Enjoy, and please remember to flag any content that seems spammy to you - Discourse is quite literally a community system, and the more people are active about pointing out spam, the harder it gets for spammers to accomplish anything here.


Also, while Tapatalk does not integrate with DIscourse, there is a Discourse app for iOS and Android so you can get push notifications on your mobile device, as well as push notifications on desktop browsers that support it.

Bonus feature: Two factor authentication! Now you can lock down your account and have some REAL confidence that your login remains YOURS using a TOTP 2FA provider like Google Authenticator, Authenticator on Windows Mobile, FreeOTP, or OpenOTP. Check it out in your user preferences.