Knobs don't do anything?

hi there,

I just wanted to try out schope. I noticed the waveforms rushing by too rapidly so I thought I could slow the down by using the speed knob. However, it didn’t change anything. Then I tried the FFT size and opacity know - same problem, nothing ever happens.

Is this a know problem?

I’m using the latest Reaper version on win7 x64.

thanks for the help.

You’re misunderstanding what the speed knob is for. The speed knob only affects the display in the RTA and Phase views (the second and third settings of the “Mode” knob), and it affects how rapidly those displays respond by changing the decay time of the display.

In order to make the waveform display “slower”, you need to have it displaying a larger segment of time so that it takes longer for a given sample to traverse from right to left across the display area. You adjust that with the sliding blobs underneath the waveform display, above the knobs. Sound is being generated as fast as it is…you can’t make it “slower” without changing the playback rate. If you could actually slow down the display without slowing down the sound, it would rapidly get out of sync with what you were hearing, making it less than useful.

Hope that helps.


oh how come It didn’t occur to me that the speed, opacity and FFT size knob are for the other modes…
thanks scott, that helped.

Opacity and FFT size apply to all modes, to the best of my knowledge, but speed applies only to the other two modes, as stated.

Glad that helped!