crash in live 8.1.1 on mac

i just wrote about the problem crashing live 8.1.1 when inserting CMX.
same thing happens when trying to use the 1973 EQ: chrash when inserting to a track!

works fine in logic!

macpro 8core, 3GHz, 24GB
snow leopard 10.6.2
ableton live 8.1.1


just read an answer from ableton:

Hi folks,

a little bug sneaked into Live 8.1.1 causing problems related to the automatic assignment of AU plug-in parameters (VSTs are not affected).
While the problem is identified and a fix will be available ASAP, you can try this little workaround in the meantime, it requires an options.txt:

  • close Live
  • create a plain text file with the name “options.txt” in Live´s preferences folder:

user/library/preferences/ableton/live 8.1.1

  • copy the following text (including the minus at the beginning) and place it right at the beginning of the options.txt (top left corner):


  • save options.txt
  • start Live


will try that tomorrow.